Meditation on Dona Lucilia – such a kind mother!

Meditation on Dona Lucilia – such a kind mother May, the Month of Mothers We need truly Catholic mothers! Even from Dona Lucilia's manner of scolding her children, we can take multiple lessons about how a truly Catholic mother should proceed on such occasions. There's an article of Dr. Plinio that says, "Error is…


How Not to React to the Crisis in the World!

How not to React to the Crisis in the World Dr. Plinio demonstrates below the false thoughts of many in their reaction to the crisis in the world... He shows us clearly how not to think: Before anything else, it is necessary to not say things clearly, because you can irritate people. Chastity, yes.…


To Where? Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

To Where? Plinio Corrêa De Oliveira​ Folha de S Paolo, April 7, 1974I was about ten years old when I witnessed the first great advance of the clothing revolution that is now reaching its peak. By 1918, as a result of the decisive importance of the United States at the end of World War I,…

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Dona Lucilia Book Study Notebook

Dona Lucilia Book Study Notebook Salve Maria! One of the ladies studying Dona Lucilia with us, from Fortaleza, Brazil, had the great idea of making a notebook to put her thoughts and reflections. It is an act of love! If anyone else has ideas, please send them in! Dona Lucilia Videos Dona Lucilia YouTube…


We Live Immersed in a Gray and Chaotic Time…

We live immersed in this gray and chaotic time... We live immersed in this gray and chaotic time, and Dona Lucilia, in the face of such a horrible scenario, certainly would be fully grounded in Our Lord Jesus Christ and in Our Lady, in the wonders of Catholic Christianity supported by the Holy Roman…


Bring a Friend! Our Lady of Solitude Campaign

In the 1950’s, Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, the beloved son of Dona Lucilia, said:

“It is necessary, even more in these times, to have a special devotion to the solitude of Our Lady: she was alone at the foot of the Cross, with some of the holy women and, at one point, Saint John joined them. The entire world was against her, because the world was against her son. They despised her as the mother of a criminal; they persecuted her; they wanted to kill her. Despite all this, she remained standing all the time. And then, when Our Lord was buried, and she went to the Cenacle, she felt completely alone; she endured the torment of loneliness, which was one of the most terrible pains of Our Lady, incredible loneliness. And that’s how in these days, for us to be good, we must remain alone; because no one understands, no one approves, no one sympathizes, nobody wants us. When this happens, we should ask Our Lady of Solitude to grant us the courage be alone; because at this point in history, if we are not prepared to be alone, on many occasions we could lose our soul; so, the torment of loneliness becomes a necessary condition for salvation. We need the number of those of us who are isolated to become so great, that the isolated isolate those who are now the majority. We who are alone, need to be ever more numerous, must seek others who are isolated like us across the world, to unite together. And having done this we can say, ‘It was the glorious victory of the glorious legion of the isolated ones’. It is necessary not to lose sight of this.”


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“She was truly a Catholic lady…”

“She was truly a Catholic lady…” These were among the first words of Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira moments after the death of his beloved mother, Dona Lucilia, on April 21, 1968. This website was created to be a place for exploring what it means to be "truly a Catholic lady" by studying the…

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