Week 1

Introduction (Pages 33 - 35) Introduction: 1968 - The Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Photos https://youtu.be/fghCl52RBYEWeek 1 QuestionsQuestion 1Consider the following three factors comparatively: St. John Bosco lived such a public life that his virtues were evident to many. Because of the very private life of St. Therese, her life and virtues became known only…


Week 2

Chapter 1 Pages 38-49 Mama taught me to Love Our Lord Jesus Christ https://youtu.be/usn5n1mQZKw Week 2 Questions Please share your thoughts at the bottom of the page in the Discussion Forum. Question 1 Though sad, the peaceful, serene death of Dona Lucilia was surely a consolation to Dr. Plinio. It was the loss, however,…

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