Week 7

Chapter 2 (Part 1) Pages 51 - 64


10 Qualities a Lady needs to become a "Serene Queen of her Home'

Week 7 Questions

Question 1

Dona Lucilia’s father, Dr. Antonio, had a mystical presentiment about his death occurring during the year 1909. Though the year had almost ended, this illustrious and beloved man did in fact die suddenly, unexpectedly, on Nov. 12, 1909. The news placed Dona Lucilia in such a state of shock and grief that she was unable to pay her last respects to her dear father.

Being a “great soul,” she reflected on the spiritual meaning of her father’s death, her reaction, and life after the loss of this pillar of wisdom and strength in her life. Her resolution was to move forward with a new “spiritual progress.”

Never again would she be so unprepared to face what life would present to her. It was, of course, an acceptance of Divine Providence, acceptance of the Will of God.

People so often move in the opposite direction from the Will of God, using their God-given free will to oppose Divine Providence, for example, by use of artificial control over the beginning and even the end of life.

In our own lives, what are the areas in which we must have more faith and trust in Divine Providence?

Question 2

Dona Lucilia’s “magnificent maternal gifts” were abundantly evident in the life of young Plinio. Her tender care and attention to each of his childhood needs was balanced by the need for discipline. If necessary, she could “take a silver hairbrush and spank him on the hand with it.”

A true blend of both of her parents, she seemed the softened version of her mother, Dona Gabriela’s strict discipline, and her father, Dr. Antonio’s more understanding nature. Her compassion for troubled young Tito and other children in the extended family, illustrate the richness of her character.

How difficult it is for often overworked, exhausted women to express such loving patience and kindness to their own children and family members. How vitally important is an active and fervent prayer and sacramental life in acquiring and maintaining a “Lucilian” level of virtue?

Question 3

What we see here in the narration of Dona Lucilia’s life is the formation of her son, Plinio, as a great Catholic, Catholic leader, Founder and beloved Spiritual Father. It was she who nurtured her most receptive son’s love of his Catholic Faith. She dedicated all her efforts to that.

When does a mother’s education of her children in the Faith begin, and what is the importance of applying herself to this, in various ways, throughout the lives of her children? Even with all these external practices, what must we do to truly enliven Faith? 

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