Week 23

Chapter 2 (Part 1) Pages 51 - 64

Chapter 9 - Part 2: Pages 344 - 356


Week 23 Questions

Question 1

At the death of Dona Gabriela, Dona Lucilia “… although filled with sorrow … did not flee from the onerous duty of receiving the condolences of friends… siblings and close relatives … “

She has expanded so much as a person since, at the time of the death of her father she was unable to face these duties.

What was the source of her consolation, and ours, at such times?

Question 2

Dona Lucilia’s trust and confidence in Divine Providence and in her son, withstood real trials. The mansion – the family home – had been sold in order to divide her mother’s estate among the siblings.

In the midst of extensive business losses, “Dona Lucilia remained completely calm and self-controlled in face of these misfortunes,” as she resigned herself to the designs of Providence.

With their future uncertain on all levels, including now living in a less than suitable rental home, Dona Lucilia entrusts to Dr. Plinio the gift of a “good sum of money” received from her aunt.  “I entrust it entirely to you.  Do as you wish,” she tells her son.

Next comes the hard part. It is one thing to say that we trust in God, but knowing that He is probably not going to disclose His will to us personally, we must accept the persons and channels He provides for us to discern the path to take.

What is an example in your life, of a time when you had to show your trust in God by allowing others to take control of a particular situation?

Question 3

Dr. Plinio is faced with so many decisions at this time in his life.

Having dedicated his life to the Catholic cause, presently as leader of the Marian Congregation, he still had to decide whether to seek elected office, or to assume the position available to him as the law school. He ran for election, but for many varied reasons, was unsuccessful.

Even when not all of their efforts worked out, Dona Lucilia continued to hope in the Sacred Heart and to believe in the mysterious ways of Providence.

How do we keep this trust, this confidence, this hope that only the Will of God be done, alive and vital in our lives?

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