Awakening Beautiful Memories!

Awakening Beautiful Memories

One of the “fatinhos” or stories of Dona Lucilia’s book – Blessing and Crosses on the Forehead – awakened beautiful memories in the lady who wrote the report below.

My Testimony on Blessing the family

Salve Maria!

Reading about how Dona Lucilia constantly blessed her children with the Sign of the Cross on their foreheads as a way of asking our Lord and our Mother to protect them brought back memories of my days back home.  We as children and even my own baby son stood with hands joined for blessings from our elders in the morning and before going to bed.  Sorry to say, this tradition got lost in transit, so to speak, though I still do this twice a year on the foreheads of my children and grandchildren, even my closest friends, on their birthdays and on the first day of the year.

Anyway, I told myself that it is not too late, and that I would try my best to bring back this tradition.  So, last week before departing the home of one of my children, I said, ” Nana is leaving now but I want to bless you before I go”, and I signed the Cross on the forehead of my little granddaughter.  My 8-year old grandson followed behind her and said, “What about me Nana?”  My heart melted as he welcomed the Sign of the Cross on his forehead.  I then mumbled aloud (my daughter was in the background) saying, “No one blessed me on my birthday like I do for you!”  To that my daughter requested her little son to bless me. A blessing from my little boy!  How much it must be worth through the hands of the innocent to our Lord and our Mother!

With that joyous heart I was sent on my way back home safely.  Thank you, SDL, for giving this grace and tradition back to me through the hands of our Mother.

Through Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Mrs. Norma Rego

Montreal Tertiary




Here is Question 3 from the Book Study Week 17:

3. Plinio was accustomed, before leaving home, to say goodbye to Dona Lucilia, “and receive her blessing.” She would trace one, or “several Signs of the Cross on his forehead, while murmuring a prayer.” She willingly complied with Plinio’s cousin’s request for the same whenever he was present.

The prayer might have been as simple as the words of the Sign of the Cross, along with something like: “God Bless you and keep you from all sin this day and always” or words naming a particular need of the day, or honoring the Saint of the day. “Dona Lucilia was well aware that, according to Catholic Doctrine a parent’s blessing draws God’s protection…”

Parents have the privilege of blessing their children in this or some similar way. It is a beautiful small ceremony or custom which unites the family and strengthens religious fervor and bonds of affection. It can be started at any age and can become part of family custom even with grownup children.

Does your family already have such a custom, or if not, are you willing to make a start, in order to receive the spiritual benefits?

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