Week 9


A Mother’s Choice: Mediocrity or the Marvellous

Week 9 Questions

Question 1

It is difficult, really, to imagine that the Polish Count and his wife had genuine expectations of adopting little Plinio and taking him home with them. They no doubt were enchanted with this most unusual child. Could it be that more than anything, they wanted to entice Dona Lucilia to the park in order to meet the mother of this unique little person and to share with her the incident of his sweet declaration of total love and loyalty.

They had been observing little Plinio playing with his sister for some time.

Can you think of what outstanding qualities in a child so young could have attracted their attention?

Question 2

Dr. Plinio’s gifts of deep insight, discernment, psychological observation, as well as the gift of eloquent and compelling public speaking, were possessed and developed all his life. They were apparently being disclosed from early childhood.

Think of the incident of the wine-fortified “speech” he declared to his astonished relatives; his indignant outburst at the puppet show against the “crocodile” in defense of the “Priest” and the instant Catechism lesson delivered to the cake “thief.”

What a monumental responsibility for Dona Lucilia! What were some of her duties to the young Dr. Plinio – for the protection and development of his gifts?


Question 3

“Innocent as a lamb and delicate as an ermine.” Msgr. Joao Cla, the Author, thus describes Dona Lucilia’s appreciation of the French language, and so it seems, of all things French at that time.

With true selfless dedication, she judged everything in the light of the formation of her children.

Do we not also have a duty to analyze, for ourselves and anyone in our care, the merits – the value, or possible harm to the soul – of every situation and opportunity.

What are some things these judgments should be based on and what are some occasions that might require such close attention?

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