Week 2

Chapter 1 Pages 38-49


Mama taught me to Love Our Lord Jesus Christ

Week 2 Questions

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Question 1

Though sad, the peaceful, serene death of Dona Lucilia was surely a consolation to Dr. Plinio. It was the loss, however, of not only a devoted mother, but of his lifelong and constant supporter/devotee. Where did Dr. Plinio find such constant support and comfort in the coming decades without Dona Lucilia?

Question 2

Is it not poignant that Dr. Plinio and Dona Lucilia are both seriously ill, suffering so near to each other; Dona Lucilia with only an end in sight – departing “from a life led with honour” –  and Dr. Plinio with a long difficult journey ahead.  What thoughts might Dr. Plinio have had, that even though he had been constantly attentive to Dona Lucilia he was not in her presence at the end?

Question 3

Death held no terror for Dona Lucilia. What is the only thing this can be attributed to?

Question 4

Apparently, Dona Lucilia was able to satisfy her conscience that she had done all that God required of her in the raising of her children. What steps must a mother today undertake to be on a similar path?

Question 5

Dr. Plinio, and probably all who knew her, saw SDL’s ‘Truly Catholic Soul’. What would that mean today? How would that be recognizable? What is it and how can it be achieved?

Question 6

Are there any questions or thoughts that chapter 1 has brought to your mind regarding the challenge of being a Counter-Revolutionary lady in the 21st century?


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