Week 15

Chapter 2 (Part 1) Pages 51 - 64


Parenting through the Revolution: Affection, detachment and a clear line of right and wrong

Week 15 Questions

Question 1

Children can suffer a great deal from misunderstandings and injustices. How important is it to give a fair hearing and help a child resolve important and troubling issues?

Question 2

Dona Lucilia had high academic standards for her son. She obviously was able to balance other aspects of life to accommodate this.

Sometimes we have high standards in some areas for our children and ourselves – looking for success in education, employment or social position, but failing to fully attend to which most important aspect of our lives?

Question 3

“Future paths were being decided there, in that little world.”

The author was speaking of young Plinio’s school playground. It is still so true. “Peer pressure” dictates the outcome of so much of our lives.

What are the elements of the home life we much provide in order to combat at least the worst of outside influences?

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