Week 22

Chapter 9 - Part 1 - Pages 330-344


Expressing Affection in a Harsh World

Week 22 Questions

Question 1

In the 1930s, Dona Lucilia experienced so many dramatic changes and upheavals. She saw the demise of many of the beautiful traditions of the past. She was there as “… the virtue of charity which had governed social interaction, making kindness the hallmark of the Brazilian temperament, gradually died out in hearts.” She lived through political chaos and financial disaster.

What was her reaction?  

Though she had no real power to act against these things, did she just embrace and reconcile herself to these new anti-Catholic sentiments, or did she determine to oppose them in as many ways as she could and what were those ways, and the ways we must continue to battle the enemies of the Church?

Question 2

“As a Catholic leader, Dr. Plinio’s moment had come to take a stand and render the utmost service to his country.” He fulfilled this moment ideally in so many ways. He helped establish the Catholic Electoral League, as the “right hand man” of the Archbishop, an “imposing and courageous prelate.” Then, at the age of twenty four, he became the youngest candidate and with the most votes, to be elected to the Constituent Assembly. What a consolation for Dona Lucilia!

Of course, a man with these gifts and talents as well as Dr. Plinio’s intrepid and decisive nature, could have applied them to so many strictly worldly pursuits and no doubt achieved great success.

How instrumental do think Dona Lucilia’s early formation and constant prayers and support were in this most noble use of his gifts?

Question 3

How astute of Dona Lucilia to perceive correctly that the intention of the professor from the Sorbonne was to cause harm to the Marian Congregation, and so to its leader, Dr. Plinio.

Is it that she was such a tireless follower of the political/religious/social scenes that she was able to analyze this man’s intentions, or was she simply aware of her responsibility to be ever alert to the “wickedness and snares” of the enemy?   

Though we have not achieved Dona Lucilia’s elevated state, is this a responsibility we all have and what are good ways to fulfill it?

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