Week 13

Chapter 2 (Part 1) Pages 51 - 64


Marvellous Tales: “Dona Lucilia – Teach us how to tell stories!”

Week 13 Questions

Question 1

The poses of Dona Lucilia and her siblings in the portrait, are, no doubt, typical of a style of photography at that time, including the absence of smiles. Her brother to the left seems to lean right in to his role. The brother on the right is also accepting of his more stately pose. Only Dona Lucilia “while resigned,” seems truly uncomfortable, even averting her gaze from the camera.  Something is not right. 

Would the pose assigned to her be offensive to her already refined sensibilities?

Think now of those end of life photographs arranged and taken by Msgr. João.  Had the long, often difficult years appeared to have embittered her?

Was she at ease with her photographer?

Question 2

2.  In our area, the only real costume occasion is Halloween. The charm of the carnival festivities of Dr. Plinio’s era has long ago disappeared, leaving mostly ugly or even grotesque costumes.

Many families have made the excellent choice of returning to the true meaning of the occasion and holding an “All Saints” party with children dressing up as and learning about a saint they are interested in.

Can you think of other secular occasions or customs that could be replaced with more elevated options, or even introducing new occasions?

Question 3

The sad incident of young Plinio encountering the lepers shows Dona Lucilia’s unwavering and constant teaching and moulding.

She “. . required that the children show respect to everyone . . and never allowed teasing.”

Bullying and teasing are huge problems with children seemingly everywhere.

Can we assume that teachers or others in touch with our children are going to correct this base instinct and habit or is it our God-given duty to form and direct them in virtue, and how do we accomplish this?

Question 4

What a wise mother! Dona Lucilia distanced the reception of her children’s First Holy Communion from the celebration party.  She taught them that their First Holy Communion was the most important happening in their lives after Baptism. On that day, she said, their minds should be entirely focused on the Eucharist.

It might not be possible in your situation, but could you think of doing something similar?

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