Great Care in Choosing Gifts for Children

Great Care in Choosing Gifts for Children Dona Lucilia took care of the affairs of the house, giving them her characteristic note of kindness and delicacy of soul.For example, when she was preparing Christmas presents for her two children, the toys she bought were usually from the best stores of their kind to be…


Lucilian Home Decorating

Lucilian Home Decorating Chapter XIII have read this chapter carefully and each time I read, I imagined myself and I felt myself walking through every place, every corner. By observing the delicacy in the decoration, in every detail, you feel the peace and harmony of this home.Do we have this good taste as well?…


Chapter 11 – Recipes!

Recipes “I am already planning the details of the feijoada and the pink cream, but if you arrive in the afternoon I will postpone the feijoada until lunch for the next day, and prepare a cus-cuz or vatapá for the day of your arrival. What do you say?”    Dona Lucilia  Dona Lucilia Videos…

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