Lucilian Home Decorating

Lucilian Home Decorating

Chapter XII

I have read this chapter carefully and each time I read, I imagined myself and I felt myself walking through every place, every corner. By observing the delicacy in the decoration, in every detail, you feel the peace and harmony of this home.

Do we have this good taste as well? We can ask ourselves. We have Dona Lucilia as a model to follow. How a lady chooses, her inclinations, gives identify to her as Lady of the Home.

Take a careful look at this great Lady’s bedroom. Notice the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception and the Oratory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus where she prayed with great devotion.

Think about some of the objects and rooms of that Home:

-The small alabaster clock, gift from Dr. João Paulo 

-The elegant pitcher

-The silver toilet set

-The small family portraits

-Dona Lucilia’s dressing mirror

-The rocking chair that she used regularly

-Dr Plinio’s desk

-The library with a clock, elegant vases etc.

-The dining room, the hall

-The Blue Room, the Pink Room

This is a warm and welcoming atmosphere where we could spend hours and hours.

I encourage all of you distinguished Ladies of the Home, follow this example, become perfect housewives, creating a Lucilian atmosphere in your home.

May we each become a lady with a special touch of goodness and distinction; ladies that keeps their houses in impeccable, harmonious, welcoming order.

Through this book study, let us allow ourselves to be molded by this great Mother and Lady. In this chapter we even learn how to decorate!!! With Lucilian help and guidance, our homes will be perfect.

Submitted by: Sra. Liz Rivas, Paraguay

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