A Mother’s Story of Detachment

One mother's Story of Detachment

Salve Maria! Since I knew detachment was the theme of this week I was very interested, because at present we live very tied to material things and even to the people around us!

In my case one of the strongest tests I’ve had is to let my 13 year old son follow his vocation and travel to Brazil. At first I told myself that I would not be able to handle this, because I was thinking about what I was going to be feeling: the sadness that it would bring me to be away from him; the emptiness that his going would leave in the house because there are only my two children and I. But I think the that most important thing I did was to pray, to offer the sacrifice and get closer to God, Our Lady and Our Holy Founders… And I understood the good that would result for him by letting him go.


Many times we close ourselves and cling to a person or something material without knowing the damage we are doing, whether it be to our children, to our spouse or to someone in our family!

God has given us all things and without a doubt we have to accept His will above all!!!!! When my son was going to leave he said, “Mommy, the important thing is that the Baby Jesus take my place in our family…” These words have left my heart full of a lot of love and joy! Let us learn to live loving God and Our Lady above all things. That is what will always give us peace and confidence!

I leave you with a few words that a Herald shared with me a few days ago. He had the opportunity to meet SDP:

“Dr. Plinio said: Attachment is contrary to the first commandment. It is a selfish position in which we place ourselves in the center. We must be unattached souls – from ourselves, from things and from people. Everything is from God; we are mere administrators. The people who are attached will suffer because when they have to detach from a person, unwillingly, they will suffer more. The detached live in peace and when God takes something, they are not confused. There is a famous phrase: ‘God gave it to me, God took it from me and if He wants, he will give it to me again.’

Dona Lucilia is an example of a detached soul.”

Written by Sra. Ana Camino


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