Under the Protection of a Heavenly Mother
Da. Lucilia aos 92 anos - Foto: João S. Clá Dias

Under the Protection of a Heavenly Mother

During the fifty-two years that have elapsed since her departure for eternity, Dona Lucilia has heightened the manifestation of maternal affection that characterized her earthly life, pouring out countless graces upon all those who have recourse to her kind and unfailing intercession. She fell asleep in the Lord on the morning of April 21, 1968, while making a serene and majestic Sign of the Cross. Now her mission in eternal life is to make the goodness of the Sacred Heart of Jesus more tangible to men.The help that this…

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A Gift from Dona Lucilia

A Message from one of our Book Study Participants Salve Maria! It is with a lot of  joy that I will now tell you about a great gift that I received through the hands of Dona Lucilia on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel. We have the grace of having a daughter in the II Order of the Heralds, and  and it was she who called us one day to invite us to a meeting of  parents that would happen in May, but because our financial situation…

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“I decided to implore Dona Lucilia’s intercession”

Problems that arise in a friendship, sudden illnesses, difficulties in paying the rent… Various favours have been obtained through the intercession of Dona Lucilia, a loving mother who does not abandon those who turn to her in their daily lives. During her earthly life, Dona Lucilia always showed compassion for her neighbour by earnestly seeking to resolve the problems of anyone who turned to her. Today, from eternity, she continues to be a tireless protector of those most in need of help.One only needs to place a problem in…

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Serenity in Face of the Worst Tragedies
Da. Clara com suas filhas, em convalescença - Foto: Reprodução

Serenity in Face of the Worst Tragedies

In the midst of the dramas and difficulties of life on this earth, more and more people are turning to Dona Lucilia’s generous intervention. And they write to tell us of her consoling assistance. Attracted by the serenity that so characterized Dona Lucilia’s innocent soul, many write to tell us of the graces obtained through her intercession, emphasizing this lady’s unfailing and resourceful protection in seemingly hopeless situations. Besides successfully overcoming difficulties, a common factor in all the benefits attributed to her intercession is the peace with which the…

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Devastating Disaster, Prodigious Cure
Aspectos da vida comunitária na Casa Santa Hildegarda, pela qual a Ir. Ana Lúcia é responsável - Foto: Maria Luiza B. de Albuquerque

Devastating Disaster, Prodigious Cure

After the accident, I realized that my situation was very grave and that, barring a miracle, I would die. Therefore, I promised Dona Lucilia that if she helped me, I would testify for her beatification and propagate devotion to her. This is what I am doing on these pages. In perusing the Gospel narrative, at a certain point we come upon a particularly moving episode: having pity on ten lepers, Our Lord cures them, but only one returns to express his gratitude for such a great gift. This…

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“Let your light shine before men”

Of the countless favours dispensed by Divine Providence through Dona Lucilia’s intercession, I would like to narrate a few more below, so that, seeing her good works, men may glorify God. Dona Lucilia has been extremely generous in her displays of affection and compassion for those who seek her help. So much so that, as this noble lady is a mirror of Mary’s goodness and love, one can apply to her St. Bernard’s words in the Memorare: never was it known that those who fled to her protection, implored…

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“Dona Lucilia, save my husband!”

​Highlights of Dona Lucilia’s Intercession Under the Maternal Protection of a Lilac Shawl Heralds of the Gospel Magazine, November 2019 “Dona Lucilia, save my husband!” Grateful for so many benefits obtained through the intercession of Dona Lucilia, Maria Cristina Martins, of São Paulo, does not neglect to acknowledge the help of this maternal lady: “I very much desire that this lady become a Saint recognized by the Church, because she distributes many gifts to countless people, especially to those of little faith.”And, in order to propagate one of…

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