Serenity in Face of the Worst Tragedies

In the midst of the dramas and difficulties of life on this earth, more and more people are turning to Dona Lucilia’s generous intervention. And they write to tell us of her consoling assistance.

Attracted by the serenity that so characterized Dona Lucilia’s innocent soul, many write to tell us of the graces obtained through her intercession, emphasizing this lady’s unfailing and resourceful protection in seemingly hopeless situations.

Besides successfully overcoming difficulties, a common factor in all the benefits attributed to her intercession is the peace with which the various cases have been resolved – a peace that the beneficiaries continue to enjoy after having recourse to her.

Portrait of Dona Lucilia belonging to Teresa Sanches and
the box of petals used to make the infusion

A serious infection

On March 19, 2019, after a few hours under hospital observation due to a heart problem, Teresa Sanches had just arrived home. However, while intervening in a typical fight between her dogs, she was bitten on the index finger of her right hand and was forced to seek medical attention that same day…

This was the first episode in a series of sufferings that culminated in what she would call “the event that marked my life,” referring to the discovery of a powerful weapon in afflictions: the maternal intercession of Dona Lucilia.

At the hospital, Teresa was prescribed a rabies shot and medication to alleviate the pain. But, unfortunately, this and subsequent medical treatments did not resolve the problem. During a period of twenty-seven days, she had to seek emergency care five times and had appointments with several specialists.

As time went by, the pain became unbearable, and the appearance of her finger was alarming. She used three different types of antibiotics, but the purulent infection only worsened. After an MRI, she was diagnosed with advanced osteomyelitis: she would have to undergo surgery, with the risk of having her finger amputated.

Effective and Lucilian remedy

Faced with this distressing situation, one month after the incident, Teresa received an inspiration that seemed to offer a solution to the problem that, until then, no doctor had been able to solve:

“On Good Friday I went to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary to do a vigil before the Blessed Sacrament on the altar of repose. My finger was throbbing, and the pain was intense. The security guard realized that something was not right and asked me if I was feeling unwell. When I explained what had happened, he suggested I use holy water, and at that very moment I remembered the rose petals of Dona Lucilia.”

As soon as she could obtain some rose petals that had adorned the tomb of Dona Lucilia, Teresa began a new “treatment”: “I put the petals in warm water and dipped my finger into it. I still felt a lot of pain, but I was very confident.”

By the second day, Teresa noticed a change in her condition: “I continued immersing my finger in warm water with Dona Lucilia’s petals and that night it was much better. The pain had almost disappeared.”

Teresa Sanches narrates the miracle to two Herald priests

 “Convinced of the miracle, I was discharged”

However, more impressive still was the sudden improvement that Teresa experienced on Dona Lucilia’s birthday, April 22, which confirmed the kind lady who was behind this turn of events: “Miraculously, on this day, the swelling disappeared and there was no more discharge.”

At her next appointment, she received good news: “The physician explained that my case had been a very serious one, but noted that my finger was in the recovery stage and there was no secretion to be collected for examination. The only instruction was that I see an infectious disease specialist to get a prescription for the appropriate antibiotics, in order to prevent a recurrence of the infection.

On the same day, I went to see the infectious disease specialist who confirmed that the finger had entered the recovery phase. Convinced of the miracle performed by Dona Lucilia, I followed the doctor’s instructions and was discharged from treatment.”

Under the protection of a maternal shawl

Dona Lucilia covers not only the Brazilian nation with her maternal and protective shawl, but also extends it beyond the borders of our country, enveloping all the hearts that confidently turn to her.

Certain of this, Clara de García, from Guatemala, did not hesitate to ask for her help during a crisis she was undergoing:

“In May 2012 I became seriously ill, with sudden weight loss and ascites, which is the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity. I had lost twelve kilos in just one month. I was always sick and did not have enough energy to get through the day, although I had been a very active and, above all, healthy person throughout my life.

“Despite my weakness, I felt compelled to place myself in Dona Lucilia’s hands, to help me brave the pain and suffering.”

Thus began a period of great trial, and after several examinations Clara discovered that she had contracted hepatitis C through a blood transfusion she had received forty years before.

Since the doctors held out no hope for her, she believed she was in the last months of her life. There was nothing else to do but take refuge in the help of the loving lady who had already come to her aid on other occasions:

“I entrusted myself to Dona Lucilia every day, offering my Rosary, other prayers and especially all my suffering, so that some treatment for my terrible illness might be found.”

Peace and serenity amid the affliction

In the midst of this suffering, Clara noted that her petition was already in some way being answered:

“In spite of my weakness, I felt much peace and serenity, which I do not hesitate to attribute to Dona Lucilia’s assistance. This peace extended to the whole family, for I can affirm that in this kind of situation they would not normally react in this way.”

In order to learn more about her illness and to discover possible treatments, she travelled to Houston, where she received the following diagnosis:

“I had cirrhosis in terminal stage and, since I the disease had remained dormant for forty years, I would certainly have liver cancer and only a few months to live. Also, due to my weakened state, I could not start any treatment. Therefore, I knew very clearly that I was close to death.”

Despite the tragic news, once again she saw how much she and her family were being assisted by a supernatural grace:

“My children and my husband completely accepted God’s will, and in the family there was an air of calm. Despite the uncertainty and seriousness of the case, at no time did we despair, nor were there any disputes. I had the unconditional support of my sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. Furthermore, the desire to ask for Dona Lucilia’s intercession was unanimous.”

Clara de García received the diagnosis of cirrhosis in terminal stage, cancer of the liver and, due to her weakened state, she could not start any treatment

A revitalizing tea

Faced with this scenario, Clara received some valuable advice:

“Someone suggested that I prepare a herbal tea with petals taken from the roses of Dona Lucilia’s tomb and take it with great faith and confidence, asking her to intercede for the recovery of my health if it be God’s will.”

To her surprise, a gradual recovery began: “At the end of the year, I felt better and had gained weight. The doctor who was following my case, noticing such an unexpected improvement, said to me, looking at the medal of Our Lady [which I wore around my neck]: ‘Keep doing whatever you are doing, because it is working.’ What I was doing was taking the tea. And Dona Lucilia, in turn, was working a miracle for me.”

After long period of taking this good remedy, Clara was strong enough to start a medical treatment that could cure her. However, “the procedure, which was only supposed to last four to six weeks, dragged on for six months due to the state of the liver. And despite the strong medication, they were unable to eliminate the hepatitis C,” Clara affirms.

And she adds: “I felt that I had received help from Heaven, but I had to keep asking…”

“We see God at work through her”

Some time later, she was able to start a new treatment recently authorised by the Food and Drug Administration. However, a cancerous tumour was found in her liver, which could not be removed due to its location.

In this situation, Clara decided to travel to Brazil to visit the tomb of her heavenly benefactress: “There, among other things, I told her: ‘Dona Lucilia, see what you can do with my tumour; I don’t want it!’ But I was resigned to fulfilling God’s will.”

Upon returning to Houston, it was found that the treatment for hepatitis C had been effective, and Clara was no longer suffering from this disease. On the other hand, the cirrhosis was advancing… The only way to eliminate it would be by means of a transplant; but in the meantime, they found another cancerous tumour in her liver.

The situation seemed hopeless, but she soon saw that God was writing straight… with straight lines! For “although this was much more serious, it was also a heavenly aid, because it gave me higher priority” on the transplant waiting list, Clara explained. And she concludes gratefully: “I was in the perfect position to be a transplant candidate. Once again, we saw the generous hand of God at work through Dona Lucilia.”

Clara de García with her daughters, in convalescence

Sweet maternal consolation

In the midst of this struggle, one of her daughters, who was in Brazil, went to Dona Lucilia’s tomb to pray once again for her mother, making the following petition: “Dona Lucilia, I ask only for a new liver for my mother. At this moment I cannot offer you more than a Hail Mary, but I know that a Hail Mary is enough for you to answer me.” Only three days after this request was made, the news arrived that a donor for the transplant had been found.

“The transplant was done and by December 2017 I was cured and had made a surprising recovery. This impressed the doctors and many other people. Several times I had been at death’s door, and the doctors had given up hope of improvement. Now, at seventy-four years of age, I feel I have as much or more energy than before.

“I am eternally grateful to Dona Lucilia for this great miracle and I have the honour of attesting to a struggle of almost six years in which, despite the trials, sufferings and sacrifices I had to undergo, I felt her maternal and sweet consolation accompanying me.”

*     *     *

In a variety of ways, whether through a comforting caress, or by imparting strength to fight a little longer, or by inspiring hope, this kind lady has shown her motherly knack in guiding those who invoke her intercession during the worst tragedies, illnesses and disappointments. 

Elizabete Fatima Estorino

Heralds of the Gospel Magazine — October 2020

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