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A Message from one of our Book Study Participants

Salve Maria! It is with a lot of  joy that I will now tell you about a great gift that I received through the hands of Dona Lucilia on the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

We have the grace of having a daughter in the II Order of the Heralds, and  and it was she who called us one day to invite us to a meeting of  parents that would happen in May, but because our financial situation was not favorable for a trip, at first I did not dare to ask my husband or even to pray to Our Lady.

But to my delight when I did go to talk to him, just at the right time, after praying, he simply said to buy the tickets for the three of us (myself, him and our 3 year old).

Important detail: my husband is not a tertiary yet and we were praying a lot so that every day he would love the work of the Heralds and accept his daughter’s entrance to the Order. It was due to this, that he had left the Group when his daughter moved to be with the Heralds and he did not want to be close.

So then you see, it was a great miracle that he went with us to Sao Paulo, and when we were in the Basilica, I cried, grateful that we were together as a family in that little piece of Heaven, and suddenly a voice came to me: It was SDL that brought you here!

It was she who brought us to this holy place. Wow …… I really cried. I am so unfaithful and yet Dona Lucilia treats us like true children and gives us even what we do not dare to ask for, but that which is necessary for our sanctification. We were given mystical graces that were like dew to our soul.


And since Our Lady is not a Queen of Unfinished Works, I stayed in Sao Paulo until the day of my birthday; the day before I had the grace to go to the tomb of Our Holy Founders, and there I thanked them for all the support and graces I had received throughout my life, and I prayed for all the ladies who are doing the book study together on the website, asking for graces, in order to complete study on the website and to be molded every day in the Lucilian manner. May Dona Lucilia intercede for each one and put her shawl over us.

In Iesu et Marie,

Emanuele Secundino

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To Save Souls!
#heraldsoftheGospel #catholic #marriage
#arautosdoevangelho #catholicfamily #oneminuteonthefamily #catholiclifestyle #catholicinstagram #family

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What does the Founder of the Heralds of the Gospel say about families?
#heraldsoftheGospel #catholic #family #oneminuteonthefamily #catholiclife #catholicfather

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