The Restoration of Indissolubility in Marriage

Purity, Virginity and Honour! In order for the restoration of indissolubility (in marriage) to be viable, it is necessary to first restore, in countless souls, the yearning for seriousness, austerity and mortification. Yes, and something else, which is expressed by a word as sweet as honey, as perfumed as a lily, but which detonates…

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Clothing: Mirror of a Woman’s Mental Character

Clothing: Mirror of a Woman's Mental Character Dr. Plinio commented: "Clothing completes the body and therefore must be dignified, serious and distinct. In this way man can express his moral personality to some extent through his attire. This can easily be noticed in women's clothing which is so apt to mirror the woman's mental…


“She was truly a Catholic lady…”

“She was truly a Catholic lady…” These were among the first words of Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira moments after the death of his beloved mother, Dona Lucilia, on April 21, 1968. This website was created to be a place for exploring what it means to be "truly a Catholic lady" by studying the…

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