Lucilian Tea

Lucilian Tea

Holy Companionship and Elevated Conversation

In Chapter VII, as we meditate on the rich teachings of Dona Lucilia, we could extend this reflection to the domain of conviviality and to all aspects of our conversations. What a blessed time discussions are in a well-ordered home. Dona Lucilia and her family enjoyed in their home, an environment “imbued with the blessing of God”. How well she made use of the nightly discussions to teach her children important points of history and religion.

Dona Lucilia expressed herself mainly in moral points. In “practical matters, she was not one to give inopportune advice, limiting herself to an occasional suggestion.”

We know the importance of maintaining a high level of conversation with children, within the family and in the different environments in which we find ourselves in.

In the following article, a tertiary from Espírito Santo, Brazil, tells us about an initiative that began in December, 2017. The ladies associated with the Herald seat there began to have Lucilian Teas, where the ladies came together to have “elevated conversations, in a very Lucilian climate.” The also sent us the video.

Here is her story:

The “Lucilian Tea” arose from our desire to be more united in the quest for the practice of virtue and holiness.

For us, Dona Lucilia is the model of a virtuous and holy woman, a truly Catholic lady, who faced the same challenges and crosses that we face in our daily lives. She is for us an example, because we can all – with the help of Divine Grace from the Sacred Heart of Jesus – with much faith and perseverance, attain Holiness in the state of life in which we live, namely as young ladies, mothers and wives.

From there came the idea of meeting for a tea where we could come together to pray; study the book of Dona Lucilia; and share little stories, “flashes” and graces in moments of conviviality and unity, full of kindness, with only elevated conversations, in a very Lucilian ambience. Thus the name of the meeting: “Lucílian Tea.”

With the blessing of the Herald priest in charge of us, Father Cristian Bitencourt, we scheduled the date of the first Lucilian Tea of the Tertiaries of Espírito Santo for the day of December 2, 2017, a Saturday, at 2:30 p.m.

Without a doubt the first meeting was showered with the blessing of Dona Lucilia and her presence was felt by all. We even received a treat from Dona Lucilia.

The Sweet Treat:

We wanted a very beautiful cake to mark the first gathering, so we ordered one from a bakery, asking that the cake be decorated with a lilac flower to honour Dona Lucilia.

When the cake was delivered, we opened the box and there it was: a cake decorated with a lilac orchid!

We were all excited! It was a clear sign of Dona Lucilia’s approval for the Lucilian Tea.

The meetings have the following schedule: Rosary; study of a chapter of Dona Lucilia’s book; teatime with conviviality, in which only elevated conversations are allowed; and we close with Holy Mass at the Heralds’ Seat.

We pray that others will begin “Lucilian Teas”, and that maybe they will spread to all the Herald Seats of Brazil and the World, thus increasing the Devotion to Sra. Dona Lucilia. Certainly, the graces present in these meetings are already a preview of how we will live in the Reign of Mary.

Sra. Dona Lucilia, our mother, help us!

Salve Maria!

Written by a representative of the Tertiaries of Our Lady of Joys, Heralds of the Gospel, Espírito Santo

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