Home Education: To Unite, Protect and Form

Home Education: to Unite, Protect and Form

“Dona Lucilia had outdone herself in providing the best possible education for her children at home. However, despite all of her concerns, in 1919, having reached the appropriate age, Plinio would have to be enrolled in school… but this was not enough to set Dona Lucilia’s maternal heart at ease. She was fully aware of the dangers which, even in those times, lurked in the company of schoolmates. How would her son respond to finding himself at odds with a world so contrary to the moral preservation inherent to his home setting?”  

Dear Ladies!

Salve Maria!

            Truly Catholic mothers today are constantly faced with the question of whether or not to put their children in the schools that the “world offers”. This dilemma is a real and is increasing in seriousness daily. With constant catastrophic scenarios within the world’s educational systems, we see that many mothers are choosing to keep their children home.

            One lady kindly shared the following story, explaining to us how it is possible to offer an education of unparalleled quality in one’s own home and that is, through the model presented, perfectly applicable as well for other families during vacation time when children who do not receive a family education are on school break.

            We thank her for kindly describing for us the rich experience of home education.

            We hope that more ladies will kindly send us reports in order to help other ladies, because we are a family of souls that desire to imitate Dona Lucilia in her love and concern for those she loves. We need each other!

            Email us at – donaluciliawebsite@gmail.com – with your comments on the story below or with your own experience with children’s education and/or vacation time.

“Dona Lucilia always strove to convey to her children her constant desire for perfection.”

Salve Maria!

             I have been educating my children at home for 8 years. I have 5 children and I feel like I’m in an eternal summer. I always have them at home and we are a happy family. They wake up and help prepare breakfast. We all eat at a very well set table (which they also take care of) and enjoy family conversation for a long time. After retiring from the table, we study various academic subjects. For example, we have math books that come with a CD on which a teacher explains the lessons.

             We read together (they read to mother and mother reads to them) and then we narrate what we have heard. We come together for History, Geography, and Religion, and as we read the lives of the Saints, we place their histories on a map. We go back and forth between the Saints and the Word of God during the week to learn more about Religion, History, and Geography. During lunch, the older ones read Catechism for the younger children.

             With this, the day brings much fruit and even more so when we go to Holy Mass as a family.

             Home schooling is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to my family.

             During the holidays anyone can anyone can enjoy these kinds of moments as a family. 

God bless all of you ladies! 

Marvelous Tales!

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