“10 Commandments” for the Education of Children – Part VIII

"Ten Commandments" for the Education of Children - Part VIII

Here is the “Eighth Commandment for the Education of Children”  from a homily by Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, with an excerpt from Msgr. João’s biography of Dona Lucilia that highlights an example of this commandment taken to its plenitude and a video to illustrate the principle further. For the first seven commandments visit the blog index: 


Eighth Commandment

A child should never be punished or scolded when a parent is upset or angry. In the Heralds we customarily say that before correcting one should count to 10 and at times, depending on one’s temper, one should count to 100 – it depends on the degree of anger. But never – Msgr. João repeatedly stresses the word never – cause the child to perceive that the rebuke or punishment proceeds from anger, because this would fracture the child’s psychology, and destroy his sense of God’s goodness and integrity.

Authority with affection

Dr. Plinio, who benefited so much from Dona Lucilia’s motherly care, said this of her exercise of authority:

“I highly appreciated that Mama, always and to the depths of her soul, was the lady! She exerted a maternal superiority over her children that made me feel how wrong I would be if I transgressed her authority, and, on the other hand, how it would sadden her if I were to be such an evil-doer and a brute.

“She was a true lady, ensuring that order prevailed in all spheres of life.

“Her authority was amenable. Sometimes she punished a little. But even when being punished or reprimanded, the person felt comforted because of her sweetness.

“With Rosée the treatment was similar, although, being a girl, it was gentler. The reprimand did not exclude benevolence, and Mama was always willing to listen to any justification that her children gave for their behaviour.

“Thus,” Dr. Plinio added, “goodness was the essence of her ladyship. In other words, she exercised her superiority out of love for hierarchical order, selflessly, showing affection for her subordinates.”

Such uprightness of soul, which is true goodness, was becoming less and less understood in a world bent on eliminating the uncomfortable distinction between good and evil.

Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, Dona Lucilia, p. 232

See the video below to hear more examples of excellent parenting!

To be continued…

Some of the above article was unofficially translated from: https://arautosfamilia.com/decalogo-educacao-filhos/

About the Article: Many Saints and also many Popes in the history of the Church have dedicated themselves to writing some points to help parents educate their children. The founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, Msgr. João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, made a summary of some of these points in a homily, calling them a decalogue for the education of children, as they contain some of the principle points for the good education of children.

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