Dona Lucilia, Perfect Model in Caring For Children

Dona Lucilia: Perfect Model in Caring For Children

Chapter VII encourages us to reflect in a special way on the watchfulness and care that we should have with our children.

The following account, written by a tertiary that participates in the book study, leads us to think more about how we need to be aware of everything that involves our children.

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The following is the beautiful report by Mrs. Lidiane, mother of three children: Maria Luiza and Maria Helena, 9 years old and Jose Francisco, 1 year and 1 month at the time of writing.

Salve Maria!

Being part of the family of the Heralds of the Gospel brought about a tremendous change in my life and consequently a change for my family.


Thanks to the charism of the Heralds, who seek perfection and beauty, I came to observe how far away I was from what Our Lady asked in Fatima: “…to dress modestly and purely…”


Coming into contact with the work of Monsignor about Dona Lucilia, I began to observe that beauty and femininity go together, and that both are connected to modesty. The beauty and distinction of Dona Lucilia accompanied her throughout life and she was adamant in not giving in to the fashions of the time.


From this observation, the idea grew within me to no longer wear pants, and that this change should be realized even at home, and that this is indeed the most important place for this change to happen.


Thanks be to God that my mother is a seamstress, so I have always sewn, though making my own clothes was not a priority. The more I became acquainted with the Heralds of the Gospel family, the more I took pleasure in trying to make my own clothes. I often say that I do ‘self couture’ and not ‘haute couture’.


Making my own clothing, besides being great therapy, makes it possible for me to wear suitable clothing, because in the stores the current fashion is very different from what Our Lady requested. I know that there are modest clothes, but these are few and usually very expensive, at least from what I normally observe.


In the process of making clothing I asked myself whether I should include my twin daughters, age 9. I can see that making our own clothing (I also make dresses and skirts for them) brings us closer together and also nurtures in them the interest in modesty, without the influence of the fashion world.


Because of this, and many more things, I am very grateful to Our Lady for having led us on this path. I hope that I can be a slave of love ever more in keeping with the teachings of the Virgin Mary.


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