A Pilgrimage to Dona Lucilia’s Home

A Pilgrimage to Dona Lucilia's Home Here we are in this beautiful and blessed moment of Monsignor’s book where Sra. Dona Lucilia wants to share with us how she decorated her home. She wants to give us a warm invitation to spend some beautiful moments here and be immersed in everything she desires to teach us with her wisdom given by the Holy Spirit and by Our Lady. So in this article I want to share the presentation of the Dona Lucilia’s home.  She offers us very good…


Lucilian Home Decorating

Lucilian Home Decorating Chapter XIII have read this chapter carefully and each time I read, I imagined myself and I felt myself walking through every place, every corner. By observing the delicacy in the decoration, in every detail, you feel the peace and harmony of this home.Do we have this good taste as well? We can ask ourselves. We have Dona Lucilia as a model to follow. How a lady chooses, her inclinations, gives identify to her as Lady of the Home.Take a careful look at this great…

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