How Not to React to the Crisis in the World!

How not to React to the Crisis in the World

Dr. Plinio demonstrates below the false thoughts of many in their reaction to the crisis in the world… He shows us clearly how not to think:

Before anything else, it is necessary to not say things clearly, because you can irritate people. Chastity, yes. But pronounce the word very quietly; and only when it is essential, indispensable; or rather, just stop using it for a long time. Obedience to the Magisterium of the Church? Yes, indeed. But do not speak of obedience itself, nor of the Magisterium itself: we could irritate “the darling”. It would be better to speak vaguely on faith. Sin? It is not a convenient term: talk instead about weakness, lapse, slipping. And beware: talk about it smiling. Hell? For what? If our “darling” realizes he can go there, he will end up feeling a terrible hatred against God. There are some references to this subject in the Gospel. That’s because the publicans heard about it, and it was good for them. Our “darling”, on the contrary, is emancipated and is developing “awareness”. He would revolt. We’ll leave the subject for later, it will be more prudent.

All of this is about how to enunciate the doctrine; as to how to apply, things will go much farther. It is necessary to give in to short skirts, swimsuits, sexual promiscuity; we must give in to lascivious dances, provocative attitudes, immoral novels and films; it is necessary to give in to existentialism, and any other ideological fashion that represents a passing whim of “the darling”. Otherwise it might irritate him appallingly. From concession to concession, it goes even further.

Is it true that there is bad in all of this? There is in this matter implicit capitulation. It is proclaimed that there is no evil in dating, but there is no distinction made between dating at the opportune time and with decent manners, with views to marriage, and all other dating styles. It is said that there is no evil in the short skirts but saying what is meant by “short” is avoided. It is maintained that there is no harm in wearing swimsuits, but a reminder that the immense majority of swimsuits are bad is avoided. It is said that in itself, dancing is not a sin, but it is avoided adding that nowadays most dances are dangerous. Twisted truths that lead to ambiguity, all so as not to annoy the “the darling”.

And sometimes it goes even further. In a low voice, you end up confessing that the Church will evolve… because otherwise “the darling” might be capable of doing horrible things! But of course, “the darling” is very good. It is not he who represents the devil, but the backward ones, the glum ones, the reactionaries; those who have that cursed mania of logic, of coherence, of clear ideas, of sharp positions. With these ones, yes, we must be inflexible, combative and uncompromising, because otherwise… the world will turn into a great convent where “the darling” won’t fit in… that is, into a real hell!

Dr. Plinio from December 1953 

*Unofficial translation

Martyrdom of Silence, Sweetness and Severity

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