What if Our Lady knocked on your door after a rain storm and asked to borrow some clothes?

What if Our Lady knocked on your door after a rain storm and asked to borrow some clothes?

We know that many styles of fashion are impregnating the mentality of women with revolutionary ideas. Ideas of all kinds, such as “freedom of expression” and “freedom of bodies” among other objectives that, as Dr. Plinio stated in his article in Folha de São Paulo, April 7, 1974:  “These audacities were usually followed by reactions. And then new audacities. And in such a way that the audacity was always greater than the reaction. …. And in a cadence that knew few and irrelevant vacillations, fashion arrived at the bikini. …. So, from the bikini and the two pieces, how far will things go? I well understand that these “moderates” will be indignant with my article. As a reply, they will laugh, that strangely enough that I am dealing with such a frivolous subject. As if modesty __ seriously at stake in the subject __ were a frivolity …”

It is indeed necessary to reflect urgently on the above words of Dr. Plinio; moreover, on the content of the whole article quoted above, in order to see into what abyss countless people have been and are being pushed by certain styles of fashion of the present day. Styles that actually date back a long time, bringing countless numbers of women to the practice of pride and sensuality, which we know are the two sins that most stain and tear apart, … the soul of each of the women who have embarked or are embarking on this path of “fashion” that, under the claim of being a “defender of women,” is actually pushing them toward steeper and steeper precipices.

We are faced with certain dreadful and degrading styles of dress (in which the torn and the deformed are regarded by a portion of people as “a style of dress to follow”) which we know to be a horrendous inversion of values ​​and ideas of a highly revolutionary nature.

However, we, who are truly Catholic ladies, thanks to our Holy Founders, march in the Counter-Revolution, and we must continue to show a style of fashion that truly pleases Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Lady: the true fashion that preserves the soul and sanctifies us. By the grace of God, we have in Dona Lucilia, a model of a beautiful way of dressing.

By the glory of God and joyfully we fortunately also have young people now who are willing to remain constant, logical and sound minded in their way of dressing, respecting and following Our Lady’s request for modesty and purity in dress.

On a recent occasion in one of the Basilicas of the Heralds, after a Holy Mass  in which a group consecrated themselves to Our Lady, I was talking with a young woman who had been invited by a friend from this Consecration group.

This young woman, very touched by the Mass of Consecration, said that her fiancé has been asking her to stop wearing certain clothes, that she might be modest in the way she dresses. She relayed a question that her fiancé asked her:

If Our Lady, after it had rained, knocked on the door of your house and asked to borrow some clothing, would you have any clothes to offer Our Lady?

This question affected her a lot and to this day she remembers the words of her fiancé and has been struggling/fighting to change her way of dress.

These young people are scheduled to marry this October and, with the grace of Our Lady, in the next few days they will begin the course of Consecration to Our Lady.

In view of such a touching account from this young woman, I asked her permission to ask her fiancé a few questions, and he readily agreed to collaborate with some words that can allow us to deepen our reflection on dress. See below:

– In your opinion, how should women today be inspired to dress distinctly and discreetly?

Without a doubt, they should be inspired by Our Lady: the perfect example of a woman, in which all women should mirror themselves, not only in their garments, but in every gesture and word …. We must observe Mary and imitate her always, so we will certainly live in a truly Christian way.

– Today’s fashions offer clothes that leave women’s bodies on display. What should women do to counter these perverse influences of fashion? Why do certain fashion styles insist on making a woman adopt a profile of sensuality?

Today we live in the time of ” external beauty”. This is totally contrary to the beauty of Catholic modesty, which shows the true beauty of a woman by her way of behaving. Fashion tends to sell the woman’s body.

– Our Lady in a dress would be pure and modest. Today, many women do the opposite. What can you offer to help women to follow this request of Our Lady?

We should note that worldly influence will always be in confrontation with being Christian. The best way to counter this is prayerful recollection, remembering that Catholic modesty is something that is always born from within, and then reflected in our clothes.

It is not only women who do the opposite of what Our Lady asked for at Fatima. Modesty is not something exclusive to women. It is also for lay men, religious and priests.


May Dona Lucilia help each of us to be more and more firm in this necessity of attending to the requests of Our Lady, helping each other, the people in our families and, as far as possible, those ladies around us, in order that we may all dress with modesty and purity.

May we receive the necessary graces for Catholic consistency (logical conformity) and, as mentioned by Monsignor John, in Chapter VII – “Dona Lucilia’s admirable consistency exacted the heavy toll of isolation which she bore with the firm resignation of a Catholic soul.” …. However, how many apprehensions must the heart of Dona Lucilia have suffered! …. But Dona Lucilia, faithful to the spirit of the Church, continued to form her children on the same perennial principles, resisting the waves of change that agitated society. 

Let us ask for these graces from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary – the centre of the affection of Dona Lucilia:

“A true Lady she was, for she made good order prevail in every area of life.” Dr. Plinio

Cintia M. S. Oliveira Lima.

Feminity at its Pinnacle: A Glimpse toward the Reign of Mary

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