How Can We Get Our Whole Family to Heaven?

How can we get our Whole Family to Heaven?

The following article, written by Fr. Antonio Royo Marín, O.P., who wrote the preface for the book of Dona Lucilia, contains a very important message. In the light of recent events in the world, we thought we should share it.


How Can We Get Our Whole Family to Heaven?

By Fr. Antonio Royo Marín O.P

Do you want to achieve this sublime aspiration? Do you want to have not one single member of your family missing in Heaven? I am going to give you the formula to achieve it: pray the Rosary with your family every day.

The family that prays the Rosary every day is morally guaranteed its eternal salvation, because it is morally impossible that the Most Holy Virgin, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, who is also our sweet Queen and Mother, will stop listening kindly to a family that invokes Her every day, saying fifty times with fervor and confidence:”Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.”

It is morally impossible, gentlemen; I affirm it strictly in the name of Catholic theology. The Virgin cannot forsake that family. She will take charge of making them live in a Christian manner and of obtaining the grace of repentance if they ever have the misfortune of committing sin. It is true that he who dies in mortal sin is condemned, even though he has prayed the Rosary many times during his life.

This is true, of course. He who dies in mortal sin is condemned, although he has prayed the Rosary many times.

Ah! But what is morally impossible is that the one who prays the Rosary many times ends up dying in mortal sin. The Virgin will not allow it. If you pray the Rosary daily, with fervor; if you invoke the Virgin Mary with filial trust, She will see to it that you do not die in mortal sin.

You will leave sin behind; you will repent; you will live in a Christian manner and you will die in the grace of God.

The Rosary, well prayed daily, is a promise of Eternity, an assurance of Heaven! An enthusiastic Dominican does not tell you this just because Saint Dominic de Guzman was the Saint to whom Our Lady gave the Rosary; it is not this. I tell you in the name of Catholic theology, gentlemen: pray the Rosary as a family every day of your lives and I assure you absolutely, in the name of the Virgin Mary, that you will succeed in reassembling all of your family in Heaven.

What a joy to be united once more and never again to be separated!

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