Week 3

Chapter 2 (Part 1) Pages 51 - 64 Envy or Admiration https://youtu.be/fJX9OxL-4GEWeek 3 QuestionsPlease share your thoughts at the bottom of the page in the Discussion Forum.Question 1The poses of Dona Lucilia and her siblings in the portrait, are, no doubt, typical of a style of photography at that time, including the absence of smiles. Her brother to the left seems to lean right in to his role. The brother on the right is also accepting of his more stately pose. Only Dona Lucilia "while resigned," seems truly…


A Pilgrimage to Dona Lucilia’s Home

A Pilgrimage to Dona Lucilia's Home Here we are in this beautiful and blessed moment of Monsignor’s book where Sra. Dona Lucilia wants to share with us how she decorated her home. She wants to give us a warm invitation to spend some beautiful moments here and be immersed in everything she desires to teach us with her wisdom given by the Holy Spirit and by Our Lady. So in this article I want to share the presentation of the Dona Lucilia’s home.  She offers us very good…


Awakening Beautiful Memories!

Awakening Beautiful Memories One of the "fatinhos" or stories of Dona Lucilia's book - Blessing and Crosses on the Forehead - awakened beautiful memories in the lady who wrote the report below.My Testimony on Blessing the familySalve Maria!Reading about how Dona Lucilia constantly blessed her children with the Sign of the Cross on their foreheads as a way of asking our Lord and our Mother to protect them brought back memories of my days back home.  We as children and even my own baby son stood with hands…


Month of April: The Month in which the Flowers Greet Dona Lucilia.

Month of April: The Month in which the Flowers Greet Dona Lucilia It is not only in the Spring that we have the happiness of contemplating a great variety of flowers around us: here in Brazil, the month of April brings beautiful flowers to delight our eyes. The red and lilac shades soon remind us of Dona Lucilia: sacrifice, love, delicacy, sanctity...We saw how, in Chapter V, Part I, Dona Lucilia endured pains with extreme virtue and even while suffering the ailments of the disease, she took charge…


Dona Lucilia Book Study Notebook

Dona Lucilia Book Study Notebook Salve Maria! One of the ladies studying Dona Lucilia with us, from Fortaleza, Brazil, had the great idea of making a notebook to put her thoughts and reflections. It is an act of love! If anyone else has ideas, please send them in! donaluciliawebsite@gmail.com Dona Lucilia Videos Dona Lucilia YouTube Channel


We Live Immersed in a Gray and Chaotic Time…

We live immersed in this gray and chaotic time... We live immersed in this gray and chaotic time, and Dona Lucilia, in the face of such a horrible scenario, certainly would be fully grounded in Our Lord Jesus Christ and in Our Lady, in the wonders of Catholic Christianity supported by the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church and firmly fighting all that was revolutionary around her; seeking to love and fulfill the will of God in everything in her life, with deep obedience, a sense of admiration…

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