Week 12

Chapter 6 - Part 2: Pages 184-281


A Mother's Choice: Mediocrity or the Marvellous

Week 12 Questions

Question 1

The poses of Dona Lucilia and her siblings in the portrait, are, no doubt, typical of a style of photography at that time, including the absence of smiles. Her brother to the left seems to lean right in to his role. The brother on the right is also accepting of his more stately pose. Only Dona Lucilia “while resigned,” seems truly uncomfortable, even averting her gaze from the camera.  Something is not right. 

Would the pose assigned to her be offensive to her already refined sensibilities?

Think now of those end of life photographs arranged and taken by Msgr. João.  Had the long, often difficult years appeared to have embittered her?

Was she at ease with her photographer?

Question 2

2.  When correcting her children, Dona Lucilia strove to convey to them her own “profound horror of sin.” She wanted them to see how their actions not only displeased her, but how truly they offended God.

How readily, though, she acknowledged their contrition and lovingly forgave and embraced them.

It is something not only to convey to our children, but to keep in mind all our lives – the reality of the consequences of sin on our souls, but also the loving invitation to repentance and pardon.

How does the devil tempt us to both presumption and despair as we try to amend our lives?

Question 3

 Again we see Dona Lucilia elevating both the simple and difficult actions of her daily life, by corresponding to Grace.

Nothing and no one is undeserving of the degree of attention that will make things more pleasing – as in the care of a sick child, or more profound or joyous as in religious memorials or festive celebrations.

Is it important and worth the effort in our already busy lives, to draw special occasions above the mundane and commercial view of society? What are some ways to accomplish this?

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