The Marvels of the Holy Catholic Church!

The Marvels of the Holy Catholic Church

This week, while we are reviewing chapters 1 to 8, we have a story of a young couple who, from the moment they first visited the Basilica of the Heralds of the Gospel in Cotia, São Paulo, have been receiving abundant graces in their lives.
It was the invitation to piety communicated to his soul (Dr. Plinio as a child) by the statues of the saints. It was the fine and nuanced colours of the stained-glass that blended with the majestic and pleasing strains of the organ. It was the solemn vestments of the celebrant and the sacral splendour of the Liturgy. (…) “The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church! She is everything and worth everything! Nothing can compare to her thousand perfections!” (excerpt from Dona Lucilia, Chapter VI)

The Marvels of the Holy Catholic Church

Our story with the Heralds began when we were looking for a church in which have our son, John, baptized and we have been attending since we first began the Baptism course. When we take John around the church to see the images, he plays and smiles. He has been fascinated by rosaries since he was a baby, enjoys listening to Gregorian chant and tries to sing. He likes when the church bell rings, and seems happy about everything.

Our John Michael received the Sacrament of Baptism and my husband, First Holy Communion, on the same day we received the Sacrament of Matrimony in this Basilica of the Heralds.

We are encouraging our son in the Catholic Faith and we pray that Our Lady will enlighten him and direct him on his journey in the Church. We pray for his vocation and that maybe he will become a priest and study in the school of the Heralds. The way the Heralds comport themselves is very striking and inspiring.

Recently we received a visit from the Heralds and when the priest asked us to touch the heart of Our Lady, while we made a petition, John Michael immediately got up and touched Her first. Then he looked for a Rosary and presented it to the image of Our Lady, looked at her and said, “Mary”.

For two years we have been attending the church; during this time we have changed some habits, ways of thinking, acting and dressing (wearing appropriate clothes) etc.

We had the opportunity to pray the Novena to Saint Joseph and also, through the intercession of Dona Lucilia we have obtained many graces.

To all the Heralds of the Gospel, we would like to express our gratitude!

May Our Lady protect us all!

Salve Maria!

Valdiran, Helena e João Miguel!

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