Week 4

Chapter 2 (Part 2) Pages 64 - 77 Admiration in the Family: Innocence & Hierarchy https://youtu.be/VKl8wXT-Wfs Week 4 Questions Question 1 Dona Lucilia's immense admiration for her father was based not only on natural affection, but also on the public reputation he had gained through his many achievements. This developed in Lucilia the ability to admire uprightness and honour. How would that have shown itself in the person she was to become - would she have determined to instill those qualities in her own children - what examples,…


Week 2

Chapter 1 Pages 38-49 Mama taught me to Love Our Lord Jesus Christ https://youtu.be/usn5n1mQZKw Week 2 Questions Please share your thoughts at the bottom of the page in the Discussion Forum. Question 1 Though sad, the peaceful, serene death of Dona Lucilia was surely a consolation to Dr. Plinio. It was the loss, however, of not only a devoted mother, but of his lifelong and constant supporter/devotee. Where did Dr. Plinio find such constant support and comfort in the coming decades without Dona Lucilia? Question 2 Is it…

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