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A true Catholic lady!

Dona Lucilia Book Study

Get Inspired and Inspire Others!

Get inspired! Tell us about the activities you have planned! Thank you to the ladies from Espirito Santo for sharing this with us. We hope “Lucilian Teas” will spread throughout the world!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you are welcome to join at anytime. We started the book study in February of 2018, but all the materials are there to begin at any time. 

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No problem. You can either continue at your pace following the readings, questions and Discussion Forum (where you can read and share thoughts anytime)  or  you can join our current week of study to be able to follow along with the Chat Meetings and catch up gradually on the other chapters. 

We are a group of ladies – Herald tertiaries – from Canada, El Salvador, Paraguay, Brazil, Guatemala and Columbia who have a common love for Dona Lucilia and the desire to study and imitate her more deeply through the writings of Monsignor John Cla. 

We are always in need of help developing the website, translating, writing, hosting meetings online and in person etc. Please contact us if you would like to contribute in some way. 

Please contact us anytime with any questions. We want to help.

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Really, to study the book SDL, is to see how a Counter-Revolutionary Lady can make a difference in this chaotic world. She possessed a lightness of soul and such a goodness that she attracted people to her.
It is dreadful to see envy in young children, and it is even sadder to see that many parents do nothing to correct this great evil. But it is a joy to be able to find the solution to such a big problem in this book... ADMIRATION!!!
I am very happy to belong to this group because SDL is the example I would have wanted before being a mother!!!!
A number of ladies have expressed interest in exploring a topic of concern to every lady – clothes! In all the photos of Dona Lucilia there is, though styles changed dramatically in her lifetime, a continuity of principles...
Wow! What a flash!!! These videos are so important!!! I had already read all stories but as I see them again in the video, they cause the same profound impression… but this time with an incredible joy!!! I cannot express it in words!!! A flash!!!!!
If we wish to be true Catholic Counter-Revolutionary ladies, we have to change the way we dress. We have to go against the fashion of this present world. Our thoughts must be brought to higher plains so that we totally forgot about ourselves...
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